FAME STUDIO PRODUCTION was founded as a professional photostudio in 1996 by the photographers Kunilov Dmitry and Vasily Fetisov and became the first commercial photographic studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

 The leading advertising agencies in Russia have been entrusting photo and post-production photos for their clients advertising to FAMESTUDIO PRODUCTION for many years. Yekaterinburg businessmen and politicians - their public image for media and corporate publications. Family portraits made by Kunilov Dmitry and Vasily Fetisov decorate private interiors.

Since 2005 FAMESTUDIO PRODUCTION has been developing fashion-projects and photographs for HAPPY Fashion Culture Magazine (segment luxury).

Since 2010 the company has been dealing with video production.


- Organisation, preproduction and production of photo and video advertising projects in any region.

- creation of corporate photos and videos.

- Postproduction of photo and video materials for publication outdoor advertising and multimedia.

- Photographing for catalogs;

- Executive photo trainings;

- Artistic portrait, professional studio and on site photo shoot, image recording and production of professional portfolio;

- Interior photographing;

- Still-life and jewelry photographing;

- Photographing of food;

- Reportage photographing;